BKB Precision is regarded as a specialist when it comes to high-quality plastics machining. In the past years the company has become an expert in the field of accurately machining of high-quality plastics.

Technical plastics

At BKB Precision we also work with various technical plastics, also known as engineering plastics. Technical plastics are often used in equipment construction, technical applications or other precision components. POM plastic is a great example of engineering plastic: it is a hard, dimensionally stable plastic with good resilience and chemical resistance. POM plastic is therefore largely similar to high performance plastics. BKB Precision has a lot of experience with both engineering and high performance plastics and its machining possibilities.

POM plastics

POM plastics come in various designs. For example, plastics and materials suitable for food which are able to withstand organic solvents. POM plastics machining is therefore often carried out for the food industry and machine construction. The reason for this is that the characteristics of this plastic are used best here. BKB Precision is an expert in the field of POM machining. The applications are therefore wide ranging. We are more than happy to advise you about all the possibilities.

BKB Precision is attentive to its products and its clients. We use extreme precision when work on the realisation of plastic parts and products. We offer everything from PA and POM machining to PMMA and PETG technical plastics. 


Do you need more information about technical plastics machining at BKB Precision? Call Berrie or Marco on +31 40 267 01 01. They are happy to accommodate you.

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