CNC turning machines

At BKB Precision, people and machines work together on high-quality plastic parts. At BKB Precision, we turn plastic parts for various applications. We specialize in CNC turning of technical plastics and are happy to support you throughout the entire process.


BKB Precision's turning machines

BKB Precision's CNC turning machines offer an advanced solution for a wide range of turning operations. Our machine park includes two leading models from Mazak: the Mazak Q10 CNC and the Mazak QT 250 MY. These advanced turning machines not only offer precision but also versatility, allowing us to produce a wide range of components.

With the ability to move along both the X and Z axes, our CNC turning machines are capable of realizing complex shapes and geometries. Whether it's producing cylindrical parts, conical components, or other complex structures, our turning machines deliver consistent and accurate results.

Turning-Milling Combination

In addition to our existing lathes, we also have advanced turning-milling combinations. These versatile machines offer the ability to manufacture very complex products with minimal setup times, as they can both mill and turn. Interested in the possibilities of our turning-milling combinations? Discover them via the button below!

BKB Precision's Turning-Milling Combinations


Need advice on the CNC turning of plastics?

Would you like to know more about BKB Precision or the techniques we use? When it comes to the CNC turning of plastics, we would be happy to assist you with expert advice with no obligation. Please use our contact form or call us on +31 (0)40 267 01 01.

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