What our customers say about us

You will find the experiences of some of our customers below. They tell us about the assignments we have carried out for them and how they have experienced working with us.

BKB Precision works according to the right procedures and reports

‘We work according to strict procedures in the aerospace industry. Accuracy and quality are important factors.

‘BKB Precision’s high-quality plastic products fit perfectly with that. The company likes to think with us, they have a lot of technical knowledge in-house, and they are strong in the area of procedures and reports.’

Bert de Wilde, Procurement Officer at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V.

‘Customer commitment and excellent market knowledge is typical for BKB’

‘BKB Precision is very committed to their customers and has outstanding knowledge of the markets for which they supply products. They are prepared to work closely together to come up with the most proactive and innovative supply chain solutions. The creativity that they demonstrate and their willingness to invest in solutions set them apart and are typical for the entire company.’

Hayo Elgersma, Commodity Buyer Mechanics of Neways Advanced Applications

BKB has an eye for details and is surprisingly creative'

‘We are very satisfied. Quick response management is very important to us. BKB thinks with us and can often come up with a solution quickly. That makes BKB Precision stand out in a positive way.

‘The plastics machining was done in a high-quality way and is extremely accurate; they had everything AAE was looking for in a vendor.’

A reliable partner for processing plastic

‘With BKB Precision, we found a very strong partner for processing plastics. As far as I'm concerned, they satisfied their credo of “making the almost impossible possible with plastic”. We were looking for a company which could process a type of foam (Airex) to a high degree of accuracy.

‘And they can do that at BKB. Partly due to their fully climate-controlled production hall, they were able to work within the tolerances we required. When you look for solutions with them, you’re not appealing to their creativity for nothing. They know a lot about plastic and can do a lot with it.’

Geert van de Merwe, Purchasing Manager of Thales Nederland BV

BKB Precision is characterised by short lines of communication and fast service

‘Short lines of communication and fast service played important roles in our collaboration. It ensured that product changes could be made faster and easier. 

‘BKB Precision follows closely developments in the world of plastics, and they know how to apply these developments to their products in the right way. At BKB Precision, they set the bar high: their state-of-the-art production ensures state-of-the-art end products for Soteria.’ 

Gerrit Tigelaar, CTO at Soteria Medical

Festo opts for BKB Precision due to reputation and cooperation with ASML 

‘We work closely with ASML and for specific projects in particular,’ says Dion Green, a Project Manager at Festo AG. ‘ BKB Precision were also a supplier for ASML. So, in early 2018, the first contact came from two angles: an introduction from Festo Nederland and a reference from ASML about BKB. 

‘There was an audit carried out later that year. The result was very positive and ASML’s good experience with BKB was one of the key factors in choosing BKB Precision as a partner.’ 

Below is a short explanation of the products’ application:

In an ASML machine, wafers are fixed on a moving table during the exposure step by means of a vacuum. This vacuum is generated using the ‘Venturi Principle’ and fluctuates depending on the supplied pressure and the ambient pressure.

Pleasantly surprised by quality of products and service

‘Working together with BKB Precision is really great. Whenever we needed it, they thought with us on optimising our application and were us honest with us about what was and wasn’t feasible. What is extremely important to us is the accuracy and finish of the components, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and service they provided.’

Ben Okma, Mechanical Engineer at Cosine Measurement Systems

Dedicated and fast support

‘This business relationship is characterised by dedication, fast support, and open and straightforward communication. We value the cooperation with BKB both in industrial projects and even more so in the field of medical technology.’

Nicole Schüssele, project procurement (medical)

Open, flexible and with a lot of in-house expertise

‘For years, BKB Precision has been supplying an essential component for our end product. Thanks to its open communication, flexibility and expertise, BKB is a strong partner in the processing of plastics.’

Annabell Frerichs, Purchaser at DUOTANK