CNC milling machines

Plastic milling is a machining operation in which material is removed in order to realise the desired product. At BKB Precision, plastic milling is computer-controlled – we also call it CNC plastic milling. This is done in our climate-controlled production hall using advanced machines which can carry out  3-axis milling, 4-axis milling and even the complex 5-axis simultaneous milling. In addition, we invest the necessary resources to maintain the machine park by, for example, adding new CNC milling machines.

3-axis CNC milling

For 3-axis milling, BKB Precision has four Mazak VTC-300 machines in its machine park. One of these machines is also equipped with a Fanuc robot, which provides automated product handling and is highly suitable for automating the production process. The robot ensures that the machine can run 24/7.

3 and 4-axis CNC milling

Whether to choose a 3-axis or 4-axis process depends on the complexity of the product. BKB Precision’s machine park has four machines which can carry out these processes – a Mazak VTC-300, a Unisign Univers 4000, a Supermax 102, the HAAS VF3SSYT and HAAS VF-11 milling machine.

5-axis simultaneous CNC milling

One of BKB Precision’s specialties is 5-axis simultaneous CNC milling. To do this, we have Hermles machines, namely two Hermle C40U with a Kuka robot, one Hermle C30U with an Erowa robot and two Hermle C22U with a Kuka robot. We also have the HAAS DT1, which can be used with the G-Loader 10 robot. The latest addition is the Hedelius T9-2600.

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