CNC turning of plastics is an essential phase in the production process of creating the desired plastic component. BKB Precision is specialized in CNC turning of technical plastics.

Our clients come from the following industries among others:

  • Semicon
  • Medical
  • Defence
  • Optical
  • Aerospace

BKB Precision is specialized in CNC machiningCNC milling and CNC turning of plastics. At BKB Precision, CNC turning of plastics is focused on facilitating standard and custom solutions. We are happy to be of service for both single pieces and medium sized production series.

CNC turning with the Okuma turning-milling-combination

Our newest addition, the Okuma turning-milling-combination, can accurately CNC turn products up to 3µm. The simple plastic discs can also be turned with exact precision. This Okuma combination machine allows BKB Precision to turn the most precise plastic components.

All CNC turning machines are equipped with a bar feeder, so that a great offer can be made for both single piece production and medium sized series. Our Okuma combination machine is no different. Feel free to inform about the possibilities of our CNC turning services.

Free advice about CNC turning of plastics

BKB Precision possesses a state-of-the-art machine park. We are happy to advise you for free about the possibilities of CNC turning plastics. Consultation in the design phase prevents production problems or (too) high costs retrospectively. Make sure you are informed and let BKB Precision assist you during the entire process.

Please feel free to make an appointment using the contact form or directly contact us at tel:31402670101. We are happy to answer your questions and to help you with expert advice about CNC turning plastic.

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