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Professional machining of plastics

One of the main attributes of plastics materials is the ability to be machined into a finished component, with no need for subsequent work. Plastics machining in a prominent and innovative way is what we do at BKB Precision. BKB Precision is specialized in machining high-end plastics. We process high performance plastics accurately until the final product, for example through CNC machining (three-, four and five-axis milling) or assembling. We make the almost impossible possible with the machining of plastics.

High-end plastics machining from start to finish

For almost 40 years, BKB Precision has been an expert in the field of high-end plastics machining. Do you have a concept of plastic which must be realised with precision? We manufacture everything from prototypes up to medium sized series to meet your demands. Our versatility and years of experience with machining plastics make us a proper partner for constructing your concept up until the final product. The continuous upgrades to our equipment allow us to maintain the highest quality in professional machining of plastics.

We work a lot with high-end technical plastics. Thanks to our expertise, we can machine your plastics the way you want it. We are also happy to provide you with a fitting advice in choosing the right plastic for your project.

Machine your plastics with BKB Precision

Would you like to know more about BKB Precision, machining plastics or the techniques we use? Please feel free to use the contact form or directly contact us at (+31) 40 - 2670101. We are happy to answer your questions and to help you with the machining of plastics and an accompanying advice.

Plastics machining | BKB Precision

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