Milling plastic

Milling plastic is a machining technique where material is removed to create the correct finishing of the desired product. Milling at BKB Precision is computer-controlled, hence the name CNC milling. Our CNC milling services are executed with advanced machines that can be used for three-axis milling or the complex five-axis simultaneous milling. Our clients come from the following industries among others: Semicon, Medical, Defence, Optical, Engineering and Aerospace. BKB Precision is specialised in CNC machining and CNC turning

Portal milling machines for large sheets

We also offer possibilities to machine large (plastic) sheets with our portal milling machines. Both of our portal milling machines fall under the ‘extra large’ category and they can machine incredibly accurate, as you may expect of BKB Precision. Our CNC milling services are of the highest quality, so we can alway guarantee top notch products for our customers.

CNC plastic milling up to 0.02mm accuracy over a length of over 6,000mm is possible at BKB! Partly thanks to the separate climate-controlled room which houses the machine (within our completely climate-controlled production hall), we can guarantee you a constant quality in our CNC milling services.

Three and four-axis plastic milling

  • 5x Mazak VTC 300C
  • 1x Unisign Univers 4000
  • 1x Supermax 102
  • 1x HAAS VF-11

Five-axis plastic milling

  • 2x Hermle C22U + Kuka Robot
  • 1x Hermle C30U + Erowa Robot
  • 2x Hermle C40U + Kuka Robot
  • 1x HAAS DT-1
  • 1x Hedelius T9-2600

​Read more about five-axis milling.

Free advice about CNC milling services

The manner of three, four or five-axis milling is, of course, dependent on the number of sides of the part that need machining and the complexity of the machining. Simple machining is realised with three-axis milling. We carry out complex machining with the modern five-axis milling machines. If you send us the schematics of the product, we can tell you what the possibilities are and we will draw up a quotation for it if desired.

We are happy to advise you for free about the possibilities of our CNC milling services. Please feel free to make an appointment for a non-binding meeting.
Please make an appointment using the contact form or directly contact us at tel: 31402670101. 

CNC milling plastic | BKB Precision

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