There are many different types of high performance plastics available on the market. There has been a major increase in demand for it in recent years. The technical properties of high performance plastics are very diverse. BKB Precision specialises in high performance plastics, such as PPS, PEI or PEEK. Among others, we distinguish the following types of high performance plastics.


Polyetheretherketone, ohterwise known as PEEK, has a very high and long-lasting operating temperature (around 280º C). The plastic is stiff, strong and has extremely good tensile and flexural strength at varying loads. In addition, PEEK is resistant against energy-rich radiation and is self-extinguishing according to UL94. The application of PEEK is very diverse. It is use in semi-conduction, the medical industry, the aerospace industry, research etc. PEEK machining is a delicate procedure that BKB has mastered over the years. We are an expert when it comes to PEEK and know how to manage any requests regarding this high performance plastic. Feel free to contact us to learn more about PEEK machining.


Polyimide, also known under its abbreviation PI, can be used at high (and extremely low) temperatures, has no visible melting point and thus retains good shape stability and mechanical properties. The upper threshold at short peak temperatures is 450°C. Polyimide also extinguishes flames, is electrically insulating, resists energy-rich radiation and has minimal outgassing in a vacuum. Thanks to its intrinsic purity, PI sheets and poles are frequently used in high purity applications, such as semi-conduction, the aerospace industry and primary research (CERN).


PPS is a thermoplastic polymer with favourable properties, making it a suitable technical polymer for special applications. It is resistant against high temperatures of over 200 °C. It is a good electric insulator and is resistant against acids and alkalis and is almost insoluble in organic solvents under 200°C. PPS is also naturally flame retardant. In many cases, it can be used as an alternative for PEEK. Whether you prefer PPS or PEEK machining, BKB Precision is an excellent partner for working with both materials.

Polyether Imide, otherwise known as PEI, belongs to the group of high performance plastics. It has good thermal and mechanical properties, is easily sterilised and has a high mechanical strength across a wide operation temperature. PEI-plastic extinguishes flames and has a low smoke development. This plastic has a good resistance against UV and chemicals and is suited for direct contact with foodstuffs. This high performance plastic is suited for application in the semi-conduction industry and is often used for aeroplane parts. 


PAI, also called Polyamide Imide, has excellent mechanical properties. The plastic is used for machining parts that need to withstand a heavy load. PAI has wear resistance, a low frictional resistance and is resistant against gamma and X-ray radiation. PAI is used for electronic / electrically insulating parts and applications in the medical industry.

Torlon® is a PAI type that combines excellent mechanic strength, stiffness and creep resistance across a wide range of temperatures. It has an extremely low expansion coefficient. Torlon® plastics are particularly suited for applications in high temperatures. BKB is your PAI machining specialist. From our machinery in the Netherlands, we take care of any and all PAI machining efforts.


PTFE, Polytetrafluoroethylene, is a fluoride plastic. Its most prominent characteristic is its lowest friction coefficient of all solids and its highest resistance against chemicals. Its material purity also makes PTFE suited for direct contact with foodstuffs. Its fluoride atoms and properties make this plastic suitable for many areas. In heavy applications, it offers advantages regarding stable and improved functions. PTFE is also known as Teflon. The decrease in dimensional accuracy of this material during machining should be kept in mind.

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