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State-of-the-art machinery

As a technical company, our website would not be complete without a list of machines. We boast state-of-the-art machinery, whether or not with robot loading and we make the necessary investments to keep our machinery up to standard. But we are happy to add that without our highly-trained and motivated employees, we would not be able to supply the high-quality products that we do.

Five axis simultaneous milling machines

At BKB Precision, we can five axis mill complex products. 5 axis machining is a form of plastic machining where the product is machined simultaneous on five sides in one setup. We have a number of CNC milling machines for 5 axis machining in our climate-controlled machine park, including robots. These make it possible to manufacture 24/7 for you

  • 2x Hermle C22U + Kuka Robot
  • 1x Hermle C30U + Erowa robot
  • 2x Hermle C40U + Kuka Robot
  • 1x Haas DT-1
  • 1x Hedelius T9-2600

Portal milling machines

BKB Precision makes use of two portal milling machines, which are particularly suited for large size plastic sheets. These impressive CNC milling machines can work very accurately, with 0.02mm accuracy over a length of over 6,500mm. 

  • 1x Portatec, 6500 x 2500 x 300
  • 1x Wissner High Performance; 6250 x 2200 x 300

Okuma turning-milling combinations

The Okuma turning-milling combination can turn plastic up to 3µm accuracy. Plastic components of the most exact precision can be turned and milled on this machine.

  • 1x Okuma Multus B200
  • 1x Okuma Multus B200 II

Three axis and four axis milling

We have various machines which can be used for three and five axis CNC machining. The choice for three axis or four axis milling depends on the complexity of the plastic product that is to be created. Generally, we can say that simple machining is done with three axis or four axis milling. We take of care of 3 and 4 axis machining with the following machines:

  • 5x Mazak VTC 300C
  • 1x Unisign Univers 4000
  • 1x Supermax 102
  • 1x Haas VF3SSYT
  • 1x Haas VF-11

Turning plastic

Turning plastic is another possibility in CNC machining. We can shape and lathe various products and materials for you. 

  • Mazak QTN 10

Sanding machine

BKB Precision uses craft and mechanical abrasive techniques, a common pre-and post-treatment of plastics (including foam) sheet material. It is intended to sharp edges, to reduce surface roughness, to smoothen surfaces or, for example, to create a certain matt effect (visually).

We use a wide belt sanding machine of Boere. This is a robust, solid and complete sanding machine with a working width of 1300 mm with which plastic sheet material can be sanded with a great accuracy: tolerance on the thickness +/-0.025 mm!

  • 1x Boere Select 1400K wide belt sanding machine

Measuring machines

BKB Precision deeply values quality. That is why we have four different measuring machines at our disposal; one machines with which we can make optical measurements and two machines which make accurate 3D tactile measurements.

  • 1x CMM/ DEA Global Advantage 05.07.05
  • 1x Optiv Classic 321 GL TP
  • 1x CMM/ DEA Global
  • 1x CMM/ DEA Brown & Sharpe


Would you like more information regarding our machinery, the CNC milling machines or the possibilities of our machines? Feel free to make an appointment using the contact form or call us at 31402670101.
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Machinery  | BKB Precision
Machinery | BKB Precision
Machinery | BKB Precision

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