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Quality plastics machining

“BKB is committed to meet customer needs by providing continuous support to employees, developing processes and systems, and monitoring and improving quality, in order to guarantee a timely and focused delivery of high-quality, accurate products”.

Quality is of major importance to BKB Precision: not only because we deliver high-quality products to a quality and high-tech focused industry, but also because it is in the BKB DNA. BKB Precision stands for quality.

We believe that providing high-quality products and creating an open atmosphere for continuous improvement allows us to meet customer demands and requirements, thus fulfilling our own strategic and operational goals as well.

Open environment

To achieve this open environment for continuous improvement, we have embedded quality in the full context of BKB Precision, including employees, systems, processes, machinery, documentation and communication. We are conscious of quality standards and are ISO 9001 certified.

We make a continuous effort to comply with the relevant customer requirements, industry standards and customer expectations to maintain the high level of quality at BKB.

Our staff members continuously contribute to the quality policy when executing their daily work. BKB Precision management supports, stimulates and inspires staff members to adopt a quality attitude as a second nature. The management is committed to guide and provide the necessary training programs and means to execute the quality policy.


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Quality plastics machining | BKB Precision

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