BKB Precision’s core activity is the accurate CNC machining of high-quality technical plastics. In contrast to conventional machining techniques, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is computer-controlled. This makes it possible to process plastics to an accuracy of up to 3μm. In addition, CNC machining often saves time and reduces intensive labour.

CNC machining techniques BKB Precision

BKB Precision is the specialist in the field of plastic and CNC machining techniques. Our knowledge of plastic machining is extensive, ranging from 3-axis milling to 7-axis milling and turning.

CNC milling

For large plastic sheets, we can use our portal milling machines to mill them to an accuracy of 0.02 mm. In addition to 3 and 4-axis milling, we are also skilled in 5-axis simultaneous plastic milling.

CNC turning

In the field of CNC turning, we are just as accurate! At BKB Precision, we can carry out plastic turning for a wide variety of applications – from simple discs to final products accurate up to 3 µm.

We only mill and turn plastics, not metals. Due to the risk of contamination from metal ions, we avoid all contact with metal materials during the production process.

Plastic machining with precision

Our skilled plastic specialists and high-quality machines work together to deliver top-quality milling and turning work. Based on your specifications, we ensure that you get what you asked for on time. Plus, our staff will be on hand to offer you whatever support you need, from initial idea to final product.

24/7 machine park BKB Precision

We have a climate-controlled production hall with modern CNC portal milling and turning machines, which make it possible for us to carry out the latest machining techniques. We can safely say that we have a state-of-the-art machine park. This not only applies to the milling machines, but also to the accompanying robots for automatic loading. The BKB Precision machine park is in operation 24/7, almost all our 3 and 5-axis mills have robot loading, and our turning-milling combinations are loaded via bar feed mechanism.

High peaks, short delivery times

Thanks to our first-class CNC machines, we can continuously perform the CNC machining of your products. This means BKB Precision can respond flexibly to peaks in CNC machining requests and to produce them to short delivery times. For us, CNC machining is an everyday task which we do to high precision. Do you have an assignment? Just tell us what you want and we’re onto it!

More information on CNC machining?

In the field of plastic processing, machining plastic is just one of our specialties. We are happy to help you with every facet of the plastic machining process. If you have any questions on CNC machining at BKB Precision, then please contact us. We are available by telephone, e-mail or via our contact page.

CNC machining

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