At BKB Precision we offer five-axis product milling: a plastics machining method which allows you to simultaneously machine the product multi-sided in one setup. Five-axis milling has a lot of advantages compared to three-axis milling (provided that the product needs to be machined on more than one side).

Different angles

Five-axis milling also allows for milling at different angles. This way the product can be milled faster while maintaining the desired accuracy. It also means that higher tolerances can be achieved during machining.

In addition to this, we specialize in five-axis simultaneous milling at BKB Precision. This is the most advanced type of machining which allows for steering all machining axes at the same time and is often applied to manufacture complex products.

To this end, BKB Precision has 6 machines in its climatized machinery, including advanced robotics. Our advanced machinery makes 24/7 production possible. This way we make sure your product can always be delivered on time.

The best choice for your plastics machining

Do you have a technical drawing available, preferably a so-called STEP-file, or a general idea of what you are looking for and do you feel like five-axis plastic milling seems to be the best choice? Contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities regarding this innovative machining technique. Simply let us know your wishes and needs and we will take care of everything during the entire process. Even when dealing with the most complex designs, BKB Precision offers a fitting solution with high-quality plastics machining. Should five-axis milling not be the solution for you after all, we will be happy to look for other ways to be of service to you.

Wish to know more about five-axis milling?

We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. Do you specifically want to use five-axis milling, or do you want to receive more information about this machining method or the other possibilities at BKB Precision? Please use the contact form or get in touch by calling tel:31402670101. 

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