Three-axis milling

Plastic milling is a machining method which can be used for different purposes, although BKB Precision mainly uses it for relatively straightforward plastic processing. We do 3-axis CNC plastic milling, which means it is computer controlled, and our high-quality CNC milling machines make it possible to perform precise plastic operations. That means your products can be made exactly how you imagined them.


Our CNC milling machines for 3-axis milling

We have eleven milling machines which are capable of performing 3-axis milling. One of these machines is equipped with a Fanuc robot for automated product handling. This means that the machine can be milling 24/7.

In 3-axis milling, the cutter can only move in three directions: up and down, right and left, and front and back. The plastic can only be worked on from the top. The material might be in the form of a plastic sheet that we secure on a vacuum bed or a plastic block that we secure in a clamp. 

We have two portal milling machines, which we use to process large plastic sheets. With these machines, we can also guarantee consistent quality on large formats. We always carry out work on the plastic with attention and precision in a climate-controlled space. The maximum size of material for 3-axis milling is 6,250mm x 2,500mm.

You can find out which 3-axis CNC milling machines we use for our plastic processing here.

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