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13-09-2021 - BKB Precision makes a great contribution on BNR Nieuwsradio

BNR Duitsland is a BNR Nieuwsradio programme about Germany. Over a number of episodes, companies and enterprises which have lots of experience in Germ ...

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SpaceClaim | BKB Precision

02-08-2021 - BKB Precision works with SpaceClaim

Manufacturability is an important factor within the manufacturing industry – something which also applies to plastic processing. To provide our ...

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15-07-2021 - BKB Precision joins ASML Supplier Sustainability Program

Running a business sustainably is an important starting point for BKB Precision. As an SME, we cannot do everything at once, but several small steps d ...

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Laser marking | BKB Precision

18-05-2021 - BKB Precision broadens its services with laser marking

In recent years, the possibility of better identifying or permanently marking products has led to the growth of laser engraving for industrial applica ...

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07-05-2021 - Plastics: robotisation and product handling

Automation and robotisation can no longer be ignored in the manufacturing industry. At BKB Precision, we understand that this also applies to plastics ...

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19-03-2021 - Corona update there are still difficulties to overcome on the road to recovery

Recent times have clearly shown that the coronavirus can have serious consequences. The most serious are personal, especially for families who have lo ...

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High QA | BKB Precision

09-02-2021 - BKB Precision works with High QA

High QA: About the software To ensure that quality control within the production process of plastics processing runs as smoothly and efficiently as ...

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21-01-2021 - Smart Industry trends for 2021: What can we expect?

Smart Industry, also known as Industry 4.0, refers to the extensive digitalization and automation within the industry. The difference between ‘o ...

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PEEK | BKB Precision

16-12-2020 - Developments within the plastics industry: an update

When it comes to safety, mobility, innovation and sustainability, the plastics industry has played a leading role. In recent years, plastics have play ...

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Durable plastics | BKB Precision

30-10-2020 - The top 5 durable plastics

When you have plastic made to measure, it is important to select plastic material with the right properties for your application. A material property ...

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COVID-19 (3) | BKB Precision

30-09-2020 - BKB Precision and COVID-19 (3)

Craftsmanship at 1.5 metres It’s been a while since we sent out our last Corona update, but with this week’s announcement of new measur ...

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Approved Supplier PAL-V | BKB Precision

11-09-2020 - BKB Precision Approved Supplier van PAL-V

We are proud to announce that BKB Precision has been appointed as Approved Supplier of PAL-V. Account Director Berrie van de Burgt recently receive ...

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Digitalization | BKB Precision

01-09-2020 - Digitalization on the work floor: BKB Precision takes it on

How we deal with digitalization BKB Precision has been involved in plastics processing for almost 40 years. We work closely with partners in the se ...

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High Performance Plastics Machining | BKB Precision

20-07-2020 - BKB Precision: 'We begin where 3D printing ends!

BKB Precision: we begin where 3D printing ends!  A statement made tongue-in-cheek, along with our explanation in this text. 3D printing with ...

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15-06-2020 - 4 gluing techniques explained

Our 4 gluing techniques explained BKB Precision has done professional plastics processing for more than forty years. One of the techniques we use a ...

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Hedelius T9-2600 met BMO Platinum Robot | BKB Precision

29-05-2020 - Can it be a size larger?

Complex machining should not only be reserved for small workpieces. And precise machining should not only be necessary for or limited to small product ...

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Hedelius T9-2600 | BKB Precision

29-05-2020 - BKB Precision expands machine park with new Hedelius Tiltenta 9-2600 CNC milling machine

BKB Precision produces high-quality plastic parts for its customers by means of complex and precise machining. Until recently, the complexity was main ...

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18-05-2020 - 5 advantages of (technical) plastics for high-tech applications

Plastic is highly suitable as a material for high-quality and leading high-tech applications. We see an increasing demand for technical and high-perfo ...

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BKB Precision and COVID19 (2)

22-04-2020 - BKB Precision and COVID19 (2)

‘Hang in there!’ is not just loose talk. The more time passes, the more we get used to things, but the virus gets no less dangerous. The m ...

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Supply Chain Collaboration Platforms | BKB Precision

22-04-2020 - Collaboration in Industry 4.0 through Supply Chain Collaboration platforms

How do we use supply chain collaboration platforms? The term ‘Industry 4.0’ refers to the fourth industrial revolution. Production proc ...

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01-04-2020 - A sustainable plastics industry: 3 trends

Plastic and sustainability are two things not often directly associated with each other. Yet it is precisely in this innovative sector that continuous ...

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COVID-19 | BKB Precision

26-03-2020 - BKB Precision and COVID-19

It’s like feeling torn: on the one hand, we are happy to inform you that as BKB Precision we are (still) fully operational. On the other hand, o ...

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ISO 9001 | BKB Precision

16-03-2020 - ISO 9001 certification successfully extended

Last week, BKB Precision was recertified as complying with NEN-ISO 9001. Bureau Veritas carried out the audit, thoroughly examining BKB Precision&rsqu ...

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ISO 9001 | BKB Precision

10-03-2020 - What is ISO 9001? Explanation of our strict policy on quality

At BKB Precision, quality is our top priority. This is not only because we supply high-quality products to a quality conscious, high-tech oriented sec ...

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Thermoplastic pyramid | BKB Precision

11-02-2020 - What is thermoplastic? Examples and applications of thermoplastics

There are many different types of plastic. We can roughly subdivide all these different plastics into thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers. Each ...

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High-quality plastics for industrial use | BKB Precision

13-01-2020 - The future of high-quality plastics for industrial use in 2020

High-quality technical plastics are increasingly used in a variety of industries, from machine building to aviation technology. This is partly due to ...

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Semicon Europa and Precisiebeurs Veldhoven | BKB Precision

14-10-2019 - BKB Precision to take part in SEMICON Europa and Precision Fair

Preparations are already in full swing! In November, we will take part in two fairs: the SEMICON Europa (Holland High Tech stand) in Munich and the Pr ...

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Plastics machining | BKB Precision

30-09-2019 - Plastics milling: What are the trends in high-tech markets?

Turning and milling plastics is one of our specialties. It is a machining operation in which material is removed to create the right finish for the de ...

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Expanding machine park | BKB Precision

13-09-2019 - BKB Precision expands machine park with new HAAS VF-11 CNC milling machine

‘In recent years, it has become increasingly common for customers to demand precise and complex processes on larger and longer products. We also ...

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HyperMILL® OpenMind | BKB Precision

23-08-2019 - Plastics processing ; explanation of plastic processing and methods

At BKB Precision, we process technical plastics and high performance plastics into high-quality end products for various industries. This includes ite ...

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G-Loader 10 cobot | BKB Precision

24-06-2019 - BKB expands its latest HAAS DT-1 machine with the G Loader 10 cobot

Shortly after expanding the machinery with a HAAS DT-1, we took the next step in the rationalization of the production process. We have combined the D ...

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MedtecLIVE | BKB Precision

03-05-2019 - BKB Precision takes part in MedtecLIVE

From 21 to 23 May 2019, MedtecLIVE will take place in Nuremberg: a new trade fair and congress in the field of medical technology. This trade fair is ...

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30-04-2019 - BKB Precision present at SWISSTECH 2019

SWISSTECH 2019 will take place from 14 to 17 May in Basel. SWISSTECH is the international trade fair for materials, components and system construction ...

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Cold Jet dry ice blasting machine | BKB Precision

12-04-2019 - BKB Precision extremely satisfied with integration of Cold Jet dry ice blasting machine in production process

Creating complex products brings with it the challenge of expertly deburring and cleaning them. Until recently, deburring was only done manually. Whet ...

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Semicon China | BKB Precision

21-02-2019 - BKB Precision present at Semicon China, March 2019

For the 7th year in a row, Semicon China is the largest, most important trade fair for the semiconductor industry in Asia. This year’s exhibitio ...

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Exhibtion calender 2019 | BKB Precision

28-01-2019 - BKB Precision looks positively ahead to the upcoming exhibition season

A whole new year is imminent. 2019 has started again and that offers great opportunities for the company. BKB Precision believes that participation in ...

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Plastic manifolds | BKB Precision

24-01-2019 - BKB Precision is a strong partner in making plastic manifolds

Plastic manifolds A manifold is a product with several branches or pipes. When you choose to have such a product made from high-quality plastic, yo ...

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BKB Precision | Management buy out

07-12-2018 - Successful management buyout of BKB Precision

On 7 December 2018, BKB Precision, better known as a plastics machining company in the high-tech industry, was bought by Mannes Westhuis, the current ...

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FMB Zuliefermesse 2018 Germany | BKB Precision

12-10-2018 - BKB Precision present with booth at FMB Zuliefermesse

From 7-9 November 2018, BKB Precision will be present with its own booth at the FMB Zuliefermesse in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. This is the fir ...

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Epoxy processing to be phased out | BKB Precision

28-09-2018 - Epoxy processing to be phased out

BKB Precision always aims to offer the best possible solution to customers, whatever their challenge. Taking into account the level of epoxy that w ...

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Exhibition season 2018 |  BKB Precision

20-09-2018 - Busy exhibition season is on its way for BKB Precision

We are already busy preparing for some good exhibitions in which we will participate this coming autumn. The following exhibitions are listed. See you ...

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Increased production capacity | BKB Precision

14-09-2018 - BKB Precision increases production capacity with CNC milling machines

BKB Precision grows. This autumn, the organisation expanded its machine pool with two new CNC milling machines: the HAAS DT-1 and the HAAS VF-3. These ...

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Plastics in the medical world | BKB Precision

30-07-2018 - Increase in use of plastic parts in the medical industry

The use of plastics in the medical world is not uncommon. On the contrary, the use of plastics within the medical industry has only increased. Develop ...

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Our passion

30-03-2018 - Our passion

BKB Precision stands for high level plastics machining. This is all we do and it determines the direction of our company. Recently we have put our pas ...

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16-03-2018 - BKB Precision again present at the MT-CONNECT

From 11th  and 12th April, BKB Precision will be present with a booth at the  MT-CONNECT trade fair in Germany. Participation last year has ...

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Semicon China | BKB Precision

27-02-2018 - BKB Precision participates in Semicon China 2018

For the second time, BKB Precision will participate in the Semicon China. This largest and leading trade fair for the semiconductor industry will take ...

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W3 Fair | BKB Precision

26-02-2018 - BKB looks back at W3 Wetzlar: interesting meetings and demand for plastic products

BKB Precision is satisfied about its participation in the W3 Fair which took place February 22 and 23 in Germany. For the third time, BKB has shown it ...

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Big Science Business Forum 2018 | BKB Precision

19-02-2018 - BKB Precision – your partner in high end plastics machining for big science

High performance plastics primarily differ from standard plastics and engineering plastics by their temperature stability, but also by their chemical ...

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BKB at Big Science Business Forum 2018

15-02-2018 - BKB Precision participates in Big Science Business Forum 2018

From 26 till 28 February the Big Science Business Forum will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the first event of its kind where the 9 largest Eur ...

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BKB Precision | Holland@CERN

06-02-2018 - BKB Precision participates in Holland@CERN

On 6 and 7 February an event in Geneva is being organized which is held every 2 years: Holland@CERN. CERN deals with research into fundamental ph ...

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BKB Precision | ESEF Utrecht

29-01-2018 - BKB Precision present at the ESEF with own booth

From 20 to 23 March, the ESEF exhibition will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.  The ESEF is the largest and most important exhibition in t ...

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W3 Fair | BKB Precsion

12-01-2018 - BKB Precision present on the W3+FAIR in Wetzlar

In a few weeks time, the W3+FAIR  will take place Wetzlar, Germany. This year, this network exhibition will be held on February 21st and Feb ...

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BKB Exhibitions 2018

02-01-2018 - Preview exhibitions 2018

In 2018 as well, you can meet us at different exhibitions. We are already busy with the preparations. The first half-year we will participate in ...

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Semicon Europe | BKB

21-11-2017 - Semicon Europe Munich: a lot of interest for PEEK plastic

Last week the Semicon Europe was held in the Messe in Munich, Germany. After a successful participation in the Semicon China in Spring 2017, it w ...

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Semicon Europe | BKB Precision

05-09-2017 - BKB Precision participates in the Holland High Tech Pavilion at Semicon Europe

This fall, BKB Precision will participate in the Semicon Europe, which will take place from 14-17 November at the Messe in Munich, Germany. At the sam ...

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Okuma Multus B200II

04-09-2017 - BKB Precision expands machinery with new Okuma Multus B200II

Starting this spring, the machinery at BKB Precision has expanded with a new CNC turning-milling combination: the Okuma Multus B200II. This multi-task ...

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Precision Fair 2017

31-08-2017 - BKB Precision present at the Precision Fair 2017

On 15 and 16 November 2017, BKB Precision is present at the Precision Fair which takes place at NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven. ...

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Thumbs up | BKB Precision

08-08-2017 - Thumbs up: BKB Precision works-groundbreaking

Out-of-the-box-thinking: pushing the boundaries? Do what you have never done? At BKB Precision do we do that and we often come to new solutions! ...

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BKB at MT Connect

15-05-2017 - BKB Precision present at the MT-CONNECT in Nuremberg

From 21st and 22nd JuneBKB Precision will be present with a booth at MT-CONNECT trade fair in Germany. The MT-CONNECT is a top class exhibition f ...

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BKB Quality ISO9001:2015

08-05-2017 - BKB Precision achieves ISO 9001:2015 certificate

BKB Precision is pleased to announce that it has achieved ISO9001:2015, unerlining the company’s strong commitment to achieve the highest level ...

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BKB 35 years

01-05-2017 - 35 years BKB Precision: specialist in high performance plastics machining

On May 1st, BKB Precision celebrates its 35th anniversary. More than three decades have passed – years that mark growth and innovation of the co ...

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Your partner in plastics machining for the semiconductor industry

03-03-2017 - BKB Precision – Your partner in plastics machining for the semiconductor industry

In spite of growing processing capabilities, the trend is that electrical and semiconductor products become smaller, thinner and lighter. Volume has b ...

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Semicon China | BKB Precision

28-02-2017 - BKB Precision with booth at Semicon China

BKB Precision participates at the Semicon China. This largest and leading trade fair for the semiconductor industry will take place from 14-16 March a ...

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W3 Fair | BKB Precision

17-02-2017 - BKB Precision present at the W3 Fair in Wetzlar

From 21st and 22nd February BKB Precision will be present with a booth at the fair in W3 fair in Germany. The W3 Fair is a networking exhibition for t ...

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BKB Precision attended royal trade mission to Germany

07-02-2017 - BKB Precision attended royal trade mission to Germany

From 7 to February 9, 2017 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima paid a working visit to the German states of Saksen, Saksen-Anhalt and Th&uum ...

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ultrasonic cleaning system | BKB Precision

28-09-2016 - BKB Precision takes ultrasonic cleaning system in service

To meet the growing demands for cleaned plastic products, BKB Precision has set up a cleaning street and put into service. With this ultrasonic cleani ...

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Micro Photonics 2016 | BKB Precision

24-08-2016 - BKB with booth at Micro Photonics 2016

On 11 October micro photonics will be opening its doors on the exhibition grounds in Berlin. The focus of the three-day trade fair and congress will b ...

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EPICOR ERP solution | BKB Precision

27-07-2016 - BKB Precision works with EPICOR

BKB Precision works with ERP solution of EPICOR EPICOR has released a new reference for BKB Precision. BKB Precision is the strategic partner ...

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Smart Plastics Machining | BKB Precision

22-04-2016 - Smart Plastics Machining

The high tech industry is on the move. Internet of things, 3D printing, micro- and nano-technology, inventions run into the market. Moore’s law ...

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W3 Fair 2016 | BKB Precision

11-01-2016 - BKB Precision takes part at the W3 Fair, Optics, Electronics and Mechanics, Wetzlar, Germany

Last year BKB Precision did only visit this fair to check if this is of value for our company. The high quality of this fair impressed us. That is why ...

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Virtual tour | BKB Precision

17-04-2015 - Our new introducion video is online

In this video we give you a tour of our machinery and we show how we as a reliable partner can offer our customers high quality and accurate plastic p ...

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Van den Berg Kunststofbewerking | BKB Precision

23-01-2015 - Van den Berg Kunststofbewerking becomes BKB Precision

BKB Precision, our new trading name BKB Precision is the new trading name of Van den Berg Kunststofbewerking. Over one hundred guests attended the ...

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