BKB has had good results with and extensive knowledge of processing high performance plastics: we are truly experts in machining various types of plastics. Our expertise varies from technological (engineering)  and high performance plastics to foam materials and. Plastics processing is an art in itself!

PTFE as a material for your application

In the high performance plastics category we also find PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) plastic – also known by its brand name Teflon which has been on the market ever since 1949. BKB Precision makes products from PTFE plastic on a regular basis. PTFE is a fluorine plastic and its main characteristic is its low adhesion-surface and highest chemical resistance of all solid materials. Next tot that, it is also FDA-approved for use in the food industry and applied in, among others, the aerospace industry and technology (for example: the use of PTFE as an insulator of wiring in specialised installations) as well.

BKB Precision as your expert in plastics machining

BKB Precision is really good at machining high performance plastics. Due to our wealth of experience clients can be sure that we take care of the entire processing process. Clients are involved in, and informed about, the possibilities and impossibilities of the desired plastic. We also examine if the specifications are feasible. BKB Precision has a lot of knowledge about engineering as well as high performance plastics, which includes PTFE plastic and its processing possibilities.  As mentioned above, PTFE applications are wide ranging and we are of course more than happy to advise you about all the possibilities.

BKB Precision is happy to realise the challenges of its clients: a precise product and/or part which oozes quality and complies with all stated wishes and requirements. For over 35 years, BKB Precision has been a reliable partner with due regard for its clients and quality. We are happy to assist you – whether it concerns machining of technological plastics or high performance plastic.

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