If you provide us with the drawings of the product (preferably by means of sending or uploading a STEP-file), we can inform you about the possibilities, whether the specifications are feasible, and offer you a quotation if desired. Naturally, we will include the possibilities and limitations of the plastic chosen by you.

If the contact and consultation lead to an order from your side, we will confirm the agreements and the product specifications by means of an order confirmation.

As soon as this has been approved, the order will be scheduled in with our ERP/MRP programme by the planning and control department. With help of the Hypermill CAD-CAM programme by Open Mind, the machining is programmed and sent to our robotized machining centres.


All of our manufacturing machines are located in a fully climate-controlled space in order to maintain the predictability of the production characteristics as much as possible. Depending on the quantities, complexity of the machining and the desired accuracy, the machining will take place on the appropriate machines.

BKB Precision has state-of-the-art machines at its disposal. These are portal milling machines, three, four and five-axis mills (including simultaneous five-axis), turning-milling combination machines, turning and measuring machines. All of them are CNC-operated.

Before the products proceed to logistics for shipment, the quality control department will check whether the products meet the specifications. Where necessary, we provide the products with certificates and measurement reports. Needless to say, we will ensure a timely delivery.

Should any aspect of your order prove to be infeasible, we will inform you in good time and examine the alternatives together.

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