The BKB Group

In April 2022, we took an important step in forming the BKB Group. On April 4th, ANKRO Kunststof Verspaningstechnieken BV in Werkendam was added to the BKB Group alongside BKB Precision. Then, in December 2023, BLW Kunststoffen in Nuenen was added to the group.

The BKB Group

The BKB Group, formed by BKB Precision, ANKRO Kunststof Verspaning, and BLW Kunststoffen, is a renowned name in the plastic processing industry. The development of this group not only strengthens the position of the individual companies in the plastic processing industry but also allows them to respond to the rapidly changing needs of customers. As a market leader in the plastic processing industry, the companies continue to focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

ANKRO Kunststof Verspaning

With the addition of ANKRO in April 2022, we took an important step in confirming our market position. ANKRO is a trusted partner in the production of mainly turning and turning/milling larger series of plastic parts for industries including food, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, medical, analytical, and graphics.

 Learn more about ANKRO Kunststof Verspaning

BLW Kunststoffen

The acquisition of BLW Kunststoffen in 2023 has resulted in a more extensive and varied range of production possibilities for plastic parts. BLW, with over 40 years of experience, brings rich experience and expertise in the plastic industry to the BKB Group. BLW serves the medical industry, equipment manufacturing, and the food industry, among others.

Learn more about BLW Kunststoffen


Technological Innovations and Future-proofing

Collaboration within the group offers various benefits to customers. We share expertise and knowledge, and exchange the most advanced technologies to make the impossible possible in plastic processing. We will also improve quality and delivery reliability towards our customers. Together, we are working towards a sustainable plastic processing industry.

By forming the BKB Group, we strengthen our position as a plastic processor for High Tech. We prioritize precision, quality, innovation, and sustainability and look forward to jointly improving the use of plastic parts in various market segments with our customers.

Are you interested in the possibilities of the BKB Group?

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Mannes Westhuis

CEO / Co-Owner

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Sales Director

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Roy van Densen

Sales Manager

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