The Power of the Hermle C52

In the world of precision machining systems, the Hermle C52 is renowned as an epitome of technological perfection. With its refined design and advanced features, this machine represents a new standard in CNC machining, opening doors to a range of possibilities for various industries.

The Hermle C52

Recently, at BKB Precision, we have embraced the power of advanced precision machining with the Hermle C52. This advanced CNC machine elevates precision machining to a higher level and unlocks boundless possibilities in plastic machining.

Seamless Collaboration with Robotics

The collaboration between the Hermle C52 and a robot at BKB Precision significantly enhances production efficiency and versatility. While the Hermle, with its high precision and powerful machining performance, tackles complex operations, the robot ensures seamless material feeding. This enables uninterrupted long production cycles, opening the door to 24/7 production where our colleagues are hardly needed.


Advantages of the Hermle C52

The Hermle C52 raises the bar for precision machining, as we have realized at BKB Precision. With a well-balanced design and its leading features, there's little this machine cannot produce. Some benefits of the Hermle C52 include:

  • An advanced control system
  • For plastic products up to 2000 kg
  • 60 tool magazine slots
  • Eco-conscious efficiency
  • Future-oriented technology
  • Minimization of errors

Future-Focused Innovation

The Hermle C52 represents not only current technological excellence but also a promising future of ongoing innovation. The machine continues to improve and evolve with advanced updates. Businesses can grow with these innovations, staying aligned with the latest advancements in manufacturing, and can rest assured that the Hermle C52 is a sustainable investment for the future.

What Can the Hermle C52 Do for You?

The possibilities of the Hermle C52 in collaboration with a robot are diverse. This machine offers the capability to produce highly complex products with high precision. Are you curious about what this machine can specifically bring to your business? Feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists for a consultation.

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Sales Director

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Business Development

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Sales Manager

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