2018 | Increase in use of plastic parts in the medical industry

The use of plastics in the medical world is not uncommon. On the contrary, the use of plastics within the medical industry has only increased. Developments in this industry have been very rapid in the past years. Growth and improvements in processes within organisations have resulted in smaller, thinner and lighter products. Internet of Things, robotization in the operating room and remote home healthcare are important drivers for new developments of medical equipment. This means that size, toughness and content of products play an important role as well. Engineers tend to be challenged to develop products with demanding specification and small size.

High demand on technical characteristics

Very high demands are placed on the (technical) characteristics of plastics and on the standards these plastics and the machining process have to comply with in the use of plastics in the medical world. The industry expects a technically perfect product as well as a clean one. Design, choice of material, machining strategy and machine types are important influencers of the end final result. The plastic parts produced at BKB Precision are now applied in, among others, medical equipment with various objectives, such as CT scanners and diagnostic equipment and robotised treatment applications but also in all types of peripheral equipment surrounding healthcare – such as cleaning systems. It is mostly the high performance plastics that are suitable for this industry which are available in sheets, blocks and poles and in a large array of measurements and colours.

BKB Precision – your partner in high-quality plastic parts for the medical industry

BKB Precision ranks as a reliable partner in the medical industry. We are familiar with the  stringent requirements for production for medical applications. That is why we have been working for years with renowned companies at home and abroad for these types of products. We package, clean (class 7) and assemble - in clean room conditions, if so desired.

It goes without saying that BKB Precision is happy to share its knowledge about plastics machining with its contacts, in order to optimally use the characteristics and machining possibilities in the entire design to manufacture trajectory as well.