2020 | Collaboration in Industry 4.0 through Supply Chain Collaboration platforms

How do we use supply chain collaboration platforms?

The term ‘Industry 4.0’ refers to the fourth industrial revolution. Production processes have been increasingly digitalised and the next step in this new era is Industry 4.0, in which all systems are connected so they can communicate with one another. This is made possible through what are called ‘Supply Chain Collaboration Platforms’. BKB Precision is also increasingly becoming what is known as a ‘Smart Factory’. This means we can work with customers who already use an online supply chain collaboration platform.

Smart Industry

Further digitalisation and the ‘Internet of Things & Services’ means that more and more factories are truly becoming Smart Factories. This means factories which can produce and communicate more efficiently. 

The emergence of Smart Industry also makes it possible for companies to work closer together, collecting more important data on the production process. 

It is becoming simpler to deliver what customers want almost immediately, and Smart Industry means that making unique product adjustments and meeting deadlines is also much easier.

Industry 4.0: the whole chain working together

BKB Precision is part of a manufacturing industry chain in which working together is essential. Collaboration does not just benefit one party, but ensures that the market positions of all involved parties are strengthened. 

This kind of collaboration – also known as a Supply Chain Collaboration – can have different objectives. One collaboration might focus mainly on improving the capacity to innovate, while another might offer training opportunities to young, upcoming technical talent. 

There are endless possibilities. In the manufacturing industry, we can also see more intensive collaboration when it comes to purchasing. This means high-tech components can get to the system supplier and OEM through the chain in as efficiently as possible.

Supply chain collaboration platforms

With the growth of Smart Industry, there is also a growing need for digital platforms which can streamline, standardise and facilitate information traffic between suppliers and customers. Using such platforms, the whole purchasing process and full supplier management can be handled through them. This ensures a more efficient running of the entire process and one with more flexibility. 

BKB Precision produces a lot of customised work in the field of plastics processing. When collaborating with parties who already make use of a collaboration platform, these (customised) orders and any modifications can be handled much more efficiently. The creation of such collaboration platforms is one of the positive effects of Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry.

BKB Precision: a smart factory

BKB Precision also aims to achieve intensive, efficient collaboration with its customers. That is why our goal is to facilitate optimal collaboration with everyone we do business with through Supply Chain Collaboration Platforms. 

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can always implement exactly the kind of collaboration required through an online supply chain collaboration platform, something we see increasingly more of our customers using. 

Indeed, the number of users is growing every day and we are constantly seeing new ways of reaping the benefits. Because monitoring production is better and more flexible, organisations can also successfully cut costs.