2018 | BKB Precision is your partner in high end plastics machining for big science

High performance plastics primarily differ from standard plastics and engineering plastics by their temperature stability, but also by their chemical resistance, mechanical properties, production quantity, and to be honest by price. High performance plastics are normally used within a demanding and challenging environment such as Big Science organiations.

Role of Big Science

As stated in the Big Science Business Forum 2018 invitiation: ‘Big Science organisations constitute an imperative role for the advancement of knowledge and for cutting edge research and scientific excellence in different fields’. And further: ‘They rely on industrial suppliers for the construction, maintenance, operation and upgrading of their facilities’.

BKB Precision is ISO 9001-2015 certified and is already a supplier of CERN. They gave us their high-quality stamp of approval. But we like to expand our business among other Big Science organisations who are in need of a capable plastics machining company. We are used to  co-operate with engineering departments to realize an optimized design that is ready for manufacturing. 

These days, the trend is that  requirements of designs of new and upgraded applications become more and more demanding and more strict. BKB Precision is able to provide a machining solution for these challenging designs and specifications.


We do prototyping and produce small and medium sized series. With our (robotized) state-of-the-art machinery and craftmanship, we would not be able to supply the high-quality products that we do. We can deal with different types of plastics that often vary in sizes and shapes.

BKB Precision deeply values quality. That is why we also take good care of measuring and reporting. If required, certificates are delivered and if needed, cleaning and assembly can be part of our manufacturing process. Big Science Organisations can rely on us.

We are more than happy to give you our references at CERN. And of course, you are also warmly invited to visit our plant in Son, The Netherlands.