2018 | BKB Precision present on the W3+FAIR in Wetzlar

In a few weeks time, the W3+FAIR  will take place Wetzlar, Germany. This year, this network exhibition will be held on February 21st and February 22nd in the Rittal Arena.

The W3 Fair is an exhibition where various disciplines related to the optical industry come together. Suppliers from various angles such as the electronic, mechatronic and optical industry will make their appearance. There are also several training and technical institutes present.

A great combination: BKB Precision and Medizin Technik Holland

This year again, BKB Precision will be present on booth D12a with a number of colleagues and members of the consortium Medizin Technik. During this two day fair, lectures and presentations are given of and there will be professionals and experts presenting information and sharing ideas. Start-ups, recruitment and design-to-business are some examples of featured themes during the fair.

Visit our booth

Values as precision, knowledge sharing and relieve are part of our DNA so do you have a challenge and are you looking for more information? We would like to invite you to our booth D12a where we are happy show what is possible with plastics and the high-quality machining of it.

Currently, a lot of German visitors know where to find foreign experts. "An ideal opportunity for Dutch companies to meet these market segments in Germany. For BKB, the W3 fair is an ideal moment to monitor new developments in the optical industry and to get in touch with new potential customers. 

The last few years, we have paid quite some attention to the German market and the results are now starting to be visible. This provides us a nice perspective, "says Berrie van de Burgt, Sales Director.