2021 | BKB Precision joins ASML Supplier Sustainability Program

Running a business sustainably is an important starting point for BKB Precision. As an SME, we cannot do everything at once, but several small steps do add up to one big one. However, achieving this requires working together in the chain – helping and being helped in the development of sustainable plastic processing. And that is important for the chain, both now and in the future.

Supplier Sustainability Program

ASML has developed a special programme to support awareness and effectiveness on the subject of sustainability. It’s called the Supplier Sustainability Program and its aim is to create a sustainable, resilient supply chain. For this purpose, suppliers must meet ASML's high standards with regard to the quality, logistics, technology, costs, and sustainability of their products and services. Supplier management, development, performance and knowledge also play major roles.


BKB Precision was recently approached to participate in this programme, which is primarily focused on long-term, mutual partnerships. Because we also believe in the importance of environmental sustainability, information sharing on CO2 emissions, reducing CO2 emissions and waste, and increasing the possibilities for reusing materials, we committed ourselves to working with ASML on these issues.

The Joint Sustainability Commitment was signed on behalf of BKB Precision by Jan Keller (Executive Vice President Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain) and Mannes Westhuis (CEO/Owner BKB Precision).

We hebben een verantwoordelijkheid en als BKB Precision proberen we deze verantwoordelijkheid ook te integreren in ons dagelijks werk. We staan ervoor open om samen met andere partners te leren van elkaar en informatie uit te wisselen om op deze manier een steentje bij te dragen aan de toekomst”, aldus Westhuis.