2018 | BKB Precision increases production capacity with CNC milling machines

BKB Precision grows. This autumn, the organisation expanded its machine pool with two new CNC milling machines: the HAAS DT-1 and the HAAS VF-3. These milling machines offer many possibilities. They are a fantastic addition to our machine pool. The investment was made to increase production capacity and satisfy increasing market demand.

HAAS VF3 CNC freesmachine BKB Precision


The VF-3 milling machine will be used as a 3-axis clamp processing machine. The machine has a milling bed of 1000 mm containing 5 machine clamps. This increases the clamp capacity and enables more efficient production. This machine can also operate to 5μm accuracy.

HAAS is known as an all-round machinery supplier and offers a wide range of various machines. The choice for HAAS machines is based particularly on the price-quality ratio in relation to the type of processes that need to be implemented. The machines offer many possibilities and standardisation in this respect. The machines’ user convenience is a nice extra."


The DT-1 is a compact 5-axis CNC milling machine that enables finishing of products’ sixth side. The DT-1 milling machine is of stable construction, and the user-friendly Haas control makes the DT-1 easy to program and operate. The machine has a controlled access panel; this additional functionality will enable us to automate production in the future. Pneumatics enables automatic opening and closing of the machine for robotised product handling. The DT-1 can process to 5μm accuracy. The aim is to expand the DT-1 as quickly as possible with a cobot.

Integrated measurement

Both machines have integrated wireless Renishaw styli for measuring tools, lengths, diameters and/or the zero point of products. 

Increasing the current capacity of unmanned hours offers us various advantages, including better utilisation and cost coverage of the machines",  stated Mannes Westhuis, Managing Director. 

HAAS DT1 CNC freesmachine BKB Precision