2020 | BKB Precision and COVID-19 (1)

It’s like feeling torn: on the one hand, we are happy to inform you that as BKB Precision we are (still) fully operational. On the other hand, our deepest sympathies go to all those who are suffering through this pandemic, both personally and on a business level. We feel the profound tension between the need to take far-reaching measures and the need to keep going as much as possible.

Health first

But our first priority at BKB is our employees’ health and that of their loved ones. The same holds true for the health of people with whom we have business relationships.

We also have a protocol in place that ensures social distancing between workers, personal hygiene, and the preventive health monitoring of personnel. We no longer conduct physical visits to and from business contacts. Microsoft Teams has quickly become a great help and communication medium for people working from home.

The preventive health monitoring of our personnel is not only about checking for coughs or body temperature increases, but also in keeping our employees' resistance high. We try as much as possible to keep overtime at a minimum, and we emphasize the importance of healthy eating and getting proper rest.

Precautionary actions

All these measures and the need to act quickly to prevent sickness in the workplace inevitably leads to slower communication and understaffing. This might occasionally threaten the delivery of work on schedule. Incidentally, any delay would be minimal.

In order to continue production as effectively as possible – on schedule and in accordance with our performance agreements – we cannot allow any deviations from previously communicated plans for the time being. We ask for your understanding on this. If we see that we might not meet our schedule, we will of course inform the customer concerned as soon as possible.

We in the manufacturing industry chain will also have to get through this difficult time by communicating and working together. We will do our utmost to prevent any hiccups in the supply chain. That being said, we also trust that our suppliers and customers are doing the same, so that the flow of products and liquidity can continue. In these times, let us also look to each other.