Sustainability in Manufacturing: BKB Group Releases Sustainability Report

In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, where technologies evolve and markets expand continually, sustainability plays an increasingly crucial role. As a leading company in plastic processing, we've embedded sustainability into our core values. This commitment is evident across all facets of our operations and is proudly showcased in our inaugural sustainability report!

The Importance of Sustainability in Manufacturing

Amidst escalating climate change and resource scarcity, it's imperative for manufacturing companies to shoulder their responsibility. Sustainability isn't merely a trend; it's a necessity for environmental preservation and fostering future growth. Moreover, a focus on sustainability drives innovation and differentiation, enabling companies to stand out in this sector.

BKB Group's Sustainability Report

We are thrilled to present BKB Group's inaugural sustainability report. Over the past year, we've been actively engaged in various sustainability initiatives and measuring our carbon footprint within the group. This culminates in BKB Group's sustainability report, marking an auspicious first step toward numerous sustainability endeavors in the future. Explore our report via the button below!


BKB Group Sustainability Report 2023

BKB Group Sustainability Report (VKK)voorpagina

Towards a Greener Future

Following the report's publication, it's prudent to continue our sustainability efforts without delay. At BKB Group, we have a dedicated sustainability team tirelessly working on enhancing and greening our operations. This team identifies new sustainability opportunities, implements innovative solutions, and monitors our progress in this realm.

While we've made significant strides in our sustainability endeavors, we acknowledge there's ample room for improvement. We're committed to reducing our environmental impact, shrinking our ecological footprint, and amplifying our positive contributions to society!


Contact Our Sustainability Team

Striving for Progress Together

In the rapidly evolving world of manufacturing, collaboration is essential for fostering sustainability. At BKB Group, we believe in the power of collaboration to address sustainability challenges. Do you have any questions about our sustainability initiatives or our sustainability report? Feel free to reach out to our sustainability team!

Jaap Vermunt

Supply Chain & Sustainability Manager

+31 (0)6 25 52 42 57

Roy van Densen

Sales Manager

+31 (0)6 55 00 05 43

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