2016 | BKB Precision with booth at Micro Photonics

On 11 October micro photonics will be opening its doors on the exhibition grounds in Berlin. The focus of the three-day trade fair and congress will be on integrated optical systems for a wide range of applications. Topics will include manufacturing using micro-lithography, processing, as well as applications for measurement systems, IT and health technology.

Growing need for machined plastic parts

BKB Precision is present with a booth (# 124 hall 7.2B). “The share of products we machine for the photonics industries is increasing”, says Mannes Westhuis, managing director of BKB Precision. “We see a growing need for accurate machined plastic parts, which are used in all kind of applications. Due to the characteristics of certain engineering plastics, combined with our state of art turning and milling capacity to handle complex and accurate designs, make the use of plastic parts an attractive alternative for all kind of materials.

So for us it is a logical next step to show the photonics industry who we are and what we can at the Micro Photonics in Berlin”. Beside the exhibition the supporting programme will also place an emphasis on attracting young professionals. National and regional employers will be represented in a specially organised Career Lounge where they can discuss opportunities with potential job candidates. 

Joint venture exchange and conferences

At micro photonics, together with its partners, the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg will be organising the international B2B Photonics Joint Venture Exchange in Europe. Visitors who register for the joint venture exchange will have an opportunity to present their new ideas, discuss joint projects and drive forward innovation with cross-border ventures.

Parallel with the trade fair the Berlin Photonics Network OpTecBB is organising two conferences: ’MOEMS system integration’ on 11 October and ’Innovative fibre optics’ on 12 October.