April 5th 2022 | BKB Precision welcomes new majority shareholder and acquires ANKRO Kunststof Verspaning BV

BKB Precision (Van den Berg Kunststofbewerking BV) is pleased to announce 365 Capital as a new majority shareholder of BKB Precision, alongside current owner and CEO Mannes Westhuis. Together they announce the acquisition of Ankro (ANKRO Kunststofverspaningstechnieken BV).

The group will be led by Mannes Westhuis, whilst the current owners of Ankro will remain onboard to aid in the integration of the two organisations and provide support in the future growth plans. The BKB Precision and Ankro labels and propositions will both be maintained going forward.

BKB Precision, founded in 1982, is the plastics machining specialist for the high-tech industry, especially for the semicon-, medical-, food- and analytical industries, both in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. BKB Precision is well known for her capabilities to machine complex and accurate parts in high performance plastics such as manifolds.

Ankro, founded in 1998, is a well-known machining partner, supplying engineering plastics components. From their production facility based in Werkendam, Ankro produces plastic precision components for its loyal customer base in the food, pharmaceutical-, petrochemical-, analytical-, medical and graphical industries, mainly in the Netherlands.

Johan van Anrooy, together with his wife Sonja van Anrooy, founders of Ankro, says: “The acquisition by BKB Precision is the result of a perfect match in culture, ambition and craftmanship. It gives us the opportunity to make a big step forward and offers continuity for our employees and customers. I really believe we will empower each other to move forward in a fast-developing market”.

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Mannes Westhuis, CEO and co-owner of the group, shares the same enthusiasm about this acquisition: “By Ankro becoming a member of the group, we enlarge our potential to fulfil the growing demands of the high-tech market, regarding capacity and capability. From the moment we got in touch with each other, we felt the same ambition and the will to move forward together to stay a trustworthy partner for our customers with all kinds of challenges ahead. Customer satisfaction is key for us”.

Reinaert Molenaar, partner at 365 Capital, added: “The end markets that BKB Precision and Ankro operate in are continuously subject to significant technological advancement, resulting in growing demands and changing roles for the component- and assembly suppliers of those end-markets. We look forward to supporting the BKB Precision and Ankro combination in mastering those challenges and to help them realise further growth, both organically and through strategic add-on acquisitions”.

For more information, please contact BKB Precision or 365 Capital:

365 Capital (contact@365capital.com)
BKB Precision (info@bkbprecision.com)