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We don’t achieve (future) success simply by saving costs and working harder. We need to do things better, be smarter, minimise waste, develop new and more efficient methods, and improve collaboration throughout the value chain. Staying involved in the market, coordinating (strategic) organisational goals, and developing and using (new) capacities – that is the recipe for a successful organisation! With this in mind, BKB Precision has brought all this together into a Business Development function.

Business development is the link between an organisation’s inside knowledge and outside demands. The organisation’s aim is to achieve long-term value development. This value development can come from customers, markets and relationships, and is at the interface of product development, business model design and marketing. In addition, Business Development maps out the various elements of the organisation.

For more than a year, we have been working on Business Development within BKB Precision. (Market) knowledge from specialised fields such as sales, work preparation, production, quality and marketing have been integrated to achieve business objectives. 

Plastics and manufacturability

At BKB Precision, we process high-quality plastics for the high-tech industry. Think of industries such as the semicon industry, the medical industry, and the defence and aerospace industries. We especially focus on high-performance plastics, as well as technical plastics and other types of material, such as composites.

Berrie van de Burgt, Account Director: ‘The modern customer relationship combines operational excellence with customer intimacy. This completely suits BKB's vision of delivering added value to customers. We see that companies in the preliminary phase are increasingly looking for a good sparring partner, with the ultimate aim of realising the right product at the desired costs. This is certainly important with products made of plastics which have specific properties when compared to, for example, metals.

'(Potential) customers appreciate that we think with them about the design and they are open to advice on the material. If desired, we can make a prototype. It is a challenge to finally come up with a good balance between innovation, manufacturability and costs. Having a long-term partnership is therefore an important factor for BKB Precision. It is interesting for the development of the product, but it can also be important for market development and chain integration. We are ready for you with the right customised solution: you can be sure of quality and craftsmanship.’


Do you have a complex challenge and would like to know what we can do for you? With nearly forty years’ experience, BKB Precision is a specialist in high-quality plastic processing. Please get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities. You can use our contact form or telephone us on 0031 (0)40 267 01 01.

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