2020 | BKB Precision and COVID19 (2)

‘Hang in there!’ is not just loose talk. The more time passes, the more we get used to things, but the virus gets no less dangerous. The more time passes, the more we grow fatigued, but a virus doesn’t tire. Indeed, the more time passes, the more misunderstandings we suffer, but the fight against the virus can only succeed if we act as a united front.

The value of plastic components is enormous

We are genuinely happy to see how our business associates and employees have managed to adapt to the new normal. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to continue full production. We also hope the supply chain doesn’t suffer too much damage and that demand continues at a sufficient level so that we can continue to reward the commitment and discipline of our employees and associates with employment and continuity. 

More than ever, we have seen the enormous value of plastic components in all kinds of applications, especially when it comes to medical equipment. We are therefore grateful that we can continue to contribute to this by continuing production.

RIVM guidelines

As BKB Precision, we remain alert to bringing the RIVM guidelines to the attention of our employees and associates: Visits only when necessary, social distancing, personal hygiene, and anyone feeling unwell must stay at home. It has become a mantra carved into our daily routine. And yes, that does present challenges when it comes to breakdowns, transferring new products, training new staff, and so on.

But, at BKB Precision, we also know that only by acting together can we keep coronavirus at bay or – better still – get it under control. And many of us are hoping for a balanced short-term restart of the economy. So hang in there!