The plastic types we process

Among others, we machine the following plastics for you: technical plastics, high performance plastics, composites and foam materials. Examples of these are the following:

  • PEEK
  • Semitron ESD
  • Torlon
  • PEI
  • PAI
  • PMI and PET foams
  • POM
  • PA
  • HMPE
  • PC
  • PMMA
  • PETG
  • PVC
  • Hard-fibre
  • PETP

In addition, you can think of plastic machining of:

  • Eslon material (in PC, PVC or PMMA)
  • Murdotec/Multitemp: plastics suited for extremely high temperatures
  • Corian / Staron: hard wear-resistant plastic for worksheets
  • Volkern material: material for machine panels (ex.: trespa)
  • PSU = Polysufone
  • ESD-safe plastics

This is only a selection from our range. You could also think of:

  • ESD-safe plastics
  • Filled plastics
  • Coloured plastics
  • Treated plastics
  • Etc.

Should you have a special wish, please feel free to reveal it to us. We will always provide assistance.

Do you have any questions?

Berrie van de Burgt

Account Director

T +31 (0)40 267 01 01
Berrie van de Burgt

Do you have any questions?

Marco de Jong

Account Manager

T +31 (0)40 267 01 01
Marco de Jong
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