2016 | Smart Plastics Machining

The high tech industry is on the move. Internet of things, 3D printing, micro- and nano-technology, inventions run into the market. Moore’s law is doing his job. The demand for ‘better’, ‘smaller’ and ‘easier’ is growing every day. The industry has the challenge to deal with this demand. Engineering departments face this pressure when designing new products or optimize existing products.

High performance and design

The use of high performance plastics in the design of products is growing due to the characteristics of the plastics. Sometimes it is about weight and avoiding corrosion especially when metals are replaced in the design by plastics. The other time it is about chemical resistance, temperature or electric conductivity. High performance plastics have a lot to offer. 

Most of the time, the usability of plastics depends on the way how it is machined. The design on the screen or on paper is patient. But when we are talking about the high tech or micro- and nano-technology nowadays, the products are small, the machining is complex and sizes are critical. 

Production and design

For design and production engineers it is important to have the right machining partner in place. A partner who knows everything about high performance plastics and how they behave when it is machined by turning and milling machines. A partner who can cope with challenging designs and complex machining jobs. A partner who can proof by measurement reports that they passed the accurary tests. A partner who can add value to the product by the whole service concept and assembly activities. 

"Smart plastics machining for smart industries”

At BKB Precision we call it “Smart plastics machining for smart industries”. If an engineer can design without barriers because of the outstanding capacitities of your machining partner, that drives innovation. That is what Smart Plastics Machining for Smart industries is about. At BKB Precision smart machining is about sharing knowledge, precise machining, adding value and relieving the customer.